Displays 2024

Koala Action Gympie Region (https://www.facebook.com/koalagympie/)

A group of environmentally aware citizens striving to regenerate bushland to provide habitat, food and protection for our lovely koalas through our tree planting activities. It’s not just the koalas who benefit!
Innumerable birds, insects and other wildlife gradually move into these reforested sites, increasing biodiversity and assisting with regeneration through seed dispersal and creating a more balanced environment. Trees assist with soil erosion and cleaner air so we humans benefit too.
Our members enjoy working with nature, interacting with and educating the community about our koala populations and promoting a more sustainable future for the Gympie district and our koalas.

Solarhart Sunshine Coast (www.solahartsc.com.au)

Solarhart Sunshine Coast: your trusted local solar power installer. We supply and installsolar panels, solar power systems, solar batteries, solar hot-water systems and heat pumps across the Gympie to Caboulture areas.

Lotza Limez (https://www.facebook.com/scollett14/)

Locally grown and produced cordials.  Also Thai meals.

Next Jen Coffee (Facebook – Next Jen Coffee)

Next Jen Coffee has have a unique coffee trailer that is painted up as a lady bug. I have onboard beautiful coffee, organic,vegan,chais and deluxe chocolate as well as alternate milks and iced chocolate, iced lattes and iced chais. My little coffee bug not only attracts a lot of attention for her looks but also her awesome coffee. We travel with the little bug in tow to holiday parks, council functions,f ooty games, expos and business hubs and always looking for events and festivals to brew our speciality coffee.

David Waterworth

David will be able to answer your questions about zero emission vehicles.

David is a retired teacher who became curious about electric cars after listening to Elon Musk present on a TED talk. After driving the cars that were available at the time (Renault Zoe, BMW i3 and Nissan Leaf, Tesla S and Tesla X), he ordered a Tesla 3 in April 2016. The car arrived in September 2019. So far he and his wife have driven almost 130,000 km, including trips to Winton and Lakes Entrance. He has been writing about his experiences with the rEVolution for cleantechnica.com for the past 3 years and is fascinated to be a part of this global transformation of transport. 

Mary Valley Rail Trail (maryvalleyrailtrail.org.au)

The Mary Valley Rail Trail (MVRT) Association Inc is a not-for-profit community advocacy group committed to the repurposing of the redundant Mary Valley branch railway line into a multi-use recreational corridor. Our objectives are to improve the physical and mental well-being of our local community, encourage visitors to the area, and protect and preserve the native flora and fauna along the corridor.  The current MVRT links the towns of Brooloo and Imbil and is 5km (one-way) in length. The MVRT committee is strongly advocating for the extension of the MVRT, connecting the towns of Brooloo, Imbil, Kandanga, and Amamoor. 

The main purpose for attending the festival will be educational; to provide information on the current MVRT corridor and the proposed extension. We will promote MVRT membership and provide information on the current activities of our members, such as the ‘Tree Amigos’ weeding workshops held monthly. We will also be showcasing our electric cargo-trike which is used for trail maintenance.

Limited products will be available for sale to raise funds for the not-for profit group, including the sale of chutneys, jams and drink coolers.

Qfleet (epw.qld.gov.au)

QFleet is Queensland Government’s fleet manager, providing motor vehicle leasing and fleet management services for over 10,000 vehicles. QFleet’s vehicles and fleet services are available to all Queensland Government agencies, government-funded organisations including, statutory authorities, local councils and not-for-profit organisations.

QFleet’s key services offerings include everything from vehicle procurement to fleet leasing, management of servicing and repairs, strategic advice and policy implementation, providing fit-for-purpose vehicles, customised vehicle and fleet reporting, road and driver safety resources, as well as management of fleet insurance and vehicle remarketing. 

 Backyards for biodiversity (www.backyardsforbiodiversity.org)

Backyards for Biodiversity SEQ exists to promote both the importance and potential of urban areas for biodiversity in south-east Queensland. Across our urban areas we plan to improve and expand native biodiversity. 

Our aim is to educate residents as to the beauty and environmental value of our plants and wildlife and to the ways that nature can enrich their lives.  

We will actively support and encourage residents and businesses to implement practical strategies to encourage biodiversity; especially, to plant locally indigenous flora to support our local fauna.  

We also hope to collaborate with local government to increase their awareness of the importance of biodiversity within the lands that they manage and to implement management practices that protect and enhance biodiversity.

Gympie Permaculture (https://gympiepermaculture.com.au)

We are a social permaculture group of local people who love to grow healthy food, without chemicals, using what comes naturally, sharing ideas, knowledge, experiences, in an effort to see this natural approach spread as far as possible.  Our Seed Saver group organise the sale of organic and heritage seeds. Some of these seeds have been saved by members, and others are purchased in bulk and sold in smaller lots at affordable rates. We will have these seeds, plants and seedlings available for sale at the Sustainable Future Festival.

Gympie Motor Group (www.gympiemg.com.au)

Gympie Motor Group is planning to display 3 or our award winning and new cars from the Kia and Subaru range; the Kia EV6, Kia EV9 and Subaru Solterra.

Gympie Motor Group sell and service new and used cars, including Ford, Nissan, Kia, Subaru, Ssangyong, Cherry and RAM.  We are a family owned and operated business that is proud to have received awards for excellence in sales, service and customer satisfaction.

Gympie Motor Group has always been an active supporter of our local community, charities and sporting clubs.

If you need to buy, sell, trade or have your car serviced, please contact our friendly staff on 07 54804100 Habitance  Architects (www.habitance.com.au)

With 30 years architectural and urban design experience, in London, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and QLD, Alex Hofmann is dedicated to designing sustainable solutions to meet the current and future needs of our regions.  

Whether it’s a residential renovation, a new home, multi-residential, public transport, community or urban design project, Alex considers the environmental sustainability, social sustainability, and economic sustainability in everything he designs.  This approach is calls Energy Positive Architecture, and by following this practice creates adaptable spaces benefiting people, planet, and prosperity.  

In 2024, it is clear changes must happen to meet environmental goals, house our community, whilst considering future generations.  By using smart design, natural resources, Australian materials, and recycled products, Alex creates buildings that ‘give back’, whether it be a secondary dwelling, community housing or a station. 

Drive by Nature (https://www.drivebynature.com/electric-drive)

Drive by Nature provide EV parts and components for people to make their own EV conversions.

Trevor has converted his Hilux to an battery electric vehicle and built his electric T-Rev and has an electric outboard on his boat.

Joyology Now (https://www.facebook.com/JoyologyNow/)

We are Marc Bright & Milly Hine from Joyology Now providers of families Entertainment. 

Return-It (www.returnit.com.au)

At Return-It, recycling is in our DNA. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Re.Group, we are leaders in managing and facilitating operations that focus on recycling for the Container Deposit Schemes (CDS) in Australia. We are driven to deliver recycling operational excellence that supports and drives the Australian Container Deposit Scheme objectives, targets and mandates. Return-It operations collect and collate over 600,000,000 containers each year through our network of technologically innovative collection points that support circular economy models and frameworks.

 Gary Salisbury

Tesla EV for display and rides.

Tesla Model S 90D 2016.

Its Chow Time (0413677332)

Providing Burgers and Chips

Off Grid Expo (www.offgridexpo.com.au)

We will be promoting our fourth Off Grid Lifestyle Expo celebrating alternative styles of living, learning and loving life. Bringing together community and business in one place to share knowledge and wisdom, passions and ideas. 

Our venue is Gympie Showgrounds in our home town.  Community groups and businesses are invited to join us at our event. Tickets will be $10 per person per day or $15 for the weekend. Under 16 are free.

Natives R Us (www.narivesrus.com.au

Have you been looking for a Garden Centre that is not only a joy to visit but also stocks a HUGE range of quality plants??       Well, you have found us!!      

We specialise in hardy, sun-grown native plants. Our plants are all grown here at the Nursery, so we know that they are going to grow at your place!   

We specialise in flowering shrubs, groundcovers, hedging, screening and shade trees, and we have the largest range of native plants in the Gympie area! 

Grevilleas, Bottlebrushes, Tea-Trees, Lilly Pillies & heaps more! 

If you would love to attract more birds, bees and butterflies to your garden and create a wildlife sanctuary in your very own back yard or if you just want to screen out the neighbours.Come in and see us today!       Jacinta and her team are ready to help you create your dream garden.     

BMRG (www.bmrg.org.au)

The Burnett Mary Regional Group is one of 54 national, not-for-profit regional Natural Resource

Management bodies in Australia. We provide essential link between the community and various

programs procured by Government and other funding sources. We cover an area that expands from

Bundaberg in the North to Maleny on the Sunshine Coast in the South and North and South Burnett

regional areas to the West.

BMRG’s vision is “to protect and enhance the agricultural and natural environment of the Burnett Mary

region for future generations”. We achieve this by directing investment into a wide range of community-

based programs that deliver positive outcomes in the areas of ecological diversity, sustainable land

management, water quality, cultural heritage values and coastal and marine management.

Department of Energy and Climate (www.energyandclimate.qld.gov.au/)

The Department of Energy and Climate is leading the states renewable energy transformation.  The Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, launched in September 2022, outlines how Queensland’s energy system will transform to deliver clean, reliable and affordable energy to provide power for generations.

The Department is committed to engaging with Queenslanders on the renewable energy transformation to better understand how they would like to be involved and benefit.

Powerlink (www.powerlink.com.au)

Our network extends 1700 km from Cairns to the border, delivering electricity to more than five million Queenslanders and 253,000 businesses. Our network also transports bulk electricity from generators of electricity such as coal-fired power stations.  Powerlink staff attending will showcase all aspects of the organisation, transmission linkages, project outlines, provide detailed information of protocols, procedures, of Transmission construction and land access, Environmental planning and procedures, biosecurity practices etc.

Universal Energy Clearing (www.unviersalenergyclearing.com)

Radionics utilises a radionics instrumen to ‘tune’ into subtle energies, vibrations and frequencies patterns that can change and imprint energy, vibrations and frequencies into animals, crops and places. 

In the past few years, Radionics has started to become more spoken about and its effects becoming more widely recognised and utilised in a plethora of disciplines.​   From farmers to alternative practitioners, businesses and individuals can benefit from radionics and its application. 

I have personally used radionics to deter pests that are damaging crops on farms or to treat  a disease that has infected crops.  Radionics can be the gateway through which you use less harmful chemicals that can have an adverse effect on you, your family, farm and your surroundings.  Rather than targeting an issue with physical things such as fertilisers, radionics can be  harnessed to lift  general vitality, reduce fertiliser costs, increase stock and yield and target specific problems by  tuning into and changing subtle energies. 

We worked over 15 years with farmers all over the world the reduce pests and weeds using these techniques. 

It is not main stream but more and more farmers in Australia are now attending our courses and learn how to reduce issues on farms.

Wildlife HQ (www.whqzoo.com)

At our Zoo, we’re more than just a place to admire animals – we’re committed to fostering a deep understanding of the challenges facing our local wildlife and inspiring action to protect them. Here’s how we are making a difference:

We’re on a mission to educate the public about the importance of preserving our local wildlife and threats they face. Through engaging exhibits, educational programs, and community outreach, we aim to raise awareness and inspire conservation action.

Education Initiatives: Step into our Zoo and embark on a journey of discovery. Our educational programs offer visitors of all ages the chance to learn about the fascinating world of wildlife conservation. From interactive exhibits to animal encounters led by knowledgeable staff, there’s always something new to explore and learn.

Conservation Efforts: We’re not just talking to talk – we’re walking the walk when it comes to conservation. Our Zoo is actively involved in a range of conservations projects aimed at protecting endangered species, restoring habitats, and conducting vital research. Through these efforts, we’re working to ensure a brighter future for our local wildlife.

Public Engagement: Throughout the year, we host a variety of events, campaigns, and initiatives designed to engage the public in wildlife conservation.

Call to Action: We believe that everyone has a role to play in wildlife conservation. Whether its volunteering your time, donation to support our efforts, or making simple changes to your daily habits, every action counts. Together, we can ensure a future where out wildlife thrives.

Department of Energy and Climate (www.energyandclimate.qld.gov.au/)

he Department of Energy and Climate is leading the states renewable energy transformation. The Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, launched in September 2022, outlines how Queensland’s energy system will transform to deliver clean, reliable and affordable energy to provide power for generations.

The Department is committed to engaging with Queenslanders on the renewable energy transformation to better understand how they would like to be involved and benefit.