Attending Displays

Businesses, Associations and Individuals attending Sustainable Futures Festival

The following businesses and individuals will be attending Sustainable Futures Festival

Koala Action Gympie Region (

A group of environmentally aware citizens striving to regenerate bushland to provide habitat, food and protection for our lovely koalas through our tree planting activities. It’s not just the koalas who benefit!
Innumerable birds, insects and other wildlife gradually move into these reforested sites, increasing biodiversity and assisting with regeneration through seed dispersal and creating a more balanced environment. Trees assist with soil erosion and cleaner air so we humans benefit too.
Our members enjoy working with nature, interacting with and educating the community about our koala populations and promoting a more sustainable future for the Gympie district and our koalas.

Solarhart Sunshine Coast (

Solarhart Sunshine Coast: your trusted local solar power installer. We supply and installsolar panels, solar power systems, solar batteries, solar hot-water systems and heat pumps across the Gympie to Caboulture areas.

Ecoflow Wastewater Management (

Ecoflo Wastewater Management is the leading manufacturer and retailer of waterless composting toilets and greywater systems in Australia. Based in Brisbane, Ecoflow provide solutions that are environmentally smart and cost-effective for domestic, commercial, off-grid, camping and accommodation-based purposes.

The Nature Loo Alectura waterless composting toilet is a specialised design for tiny homes with the low underfloor clearance requirement of only 490mm. This system is suitable for a couple looking to install a composting toilet into their tiny house.
All Ecoflo toilets come with at least two composting chambers. Fill one, put it aside to continue composting, and replace it by putting the second chamber into use. When it’s time to change chambers again, the contents of the first chamber should be fully composted. Remove the compost and put it in your garden or bury it, and re-use the chamber.
This modular “batch composting” system allows capacity to be virtually unlimited. If usage increases and the chambers need to be rotated more often, introduce an additional chamber or a secondary composting system to empty the chambers into. The Premium model includes built-in mixers to help break down the pile and accelerate the composting process.